Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Google Family Link Android Device isn't ready

 When setting up Family Link for my kid, the setup keep failing and just showing very unhelpful error message "Something went wrong ..". Since the phone doesn't has family link installed yet, I try to login with my account first and installed Family Link app.

Opening the app, on my kid's account status, I can see it shows "Device isn't ready for ...". I removed my account (since family link account can't share device) and try to add my kid's account again. This time the setup went through!

So if you're facing similar issue and doesn't has Family Link app installed on the device yet, try to install the app with your own account first, before setting up your kid's account.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

VS Code editor in browser

 There are 2 options, basically:-

  • code-server
  • OpenVSCode

What's the difference? Excerpt from code-server's FAQ:-

code-server and OpenVSCode-Server both allow you to access VS Code via a browser. The two projects also use their own forks of VS Code to leverage modern VS Code APIs and stay up to date with the upsteam version.

However, OpenVSCode-Server is scoped at only making VS Code available in the web browser. code-server includes some other features:

  • password auth
  • proxy web ports
  • certificate support
  • plugin API
  • settings sync (coming soon)

 So I decided to try code-server. Installation is straightforward, as copied from the docs page:-

curl -fsSL | sh

After that you can run it as:-

PORT=3000 code-server

To actually access that from my laptop, I just use ssh port forwarding:-

ssh -L 3000:localhost:3000 my-server

I can then access it through my browser at https://localhost:3000/. You'll need to copy password from ~/.config/code-server/config.yaml.

So far the experience is satisfying. It feels the same as in Github Codespaces.