Friday, July 9, 2010


Everytime I'm thinking of looking for good hosting provider in Malaysia or Singapore, I would just backed up and said it would be a waste of time. Hosting provider in Malaysia or Singapore still can survive to this millennium of 2010 just because of 2 main reasons:-
  1. Law of physics (read: latency)
  2. Customer ignorance.
You don't need to go further when looking for good hosting provider. Their website frontpage would tell it all and to our luck, they all look similar with each other. I'm wondering if there's 'industry standard' for web hosting's website in .my and .sg. Good hosting provider definitely would look different. Rule #1 - If you see something like pretty lady with a headphone ready to take your call, stop. Go away. (I took this somewhere else but forgot already where it is).

But looking at gplhost website, I eventually noticed something different with the content (though their sites look not much different). Firstly, they're using their own control panel which they release as an open source. This is a good sign. Rule #2 - If you see something like Cpanel/Fantastico/DirectAdmin/Plesk etc, also stop. This is just a bunch of guys who know how to run few linux commands and suddenly they have a hosting company ready to take victim, sorry customer.

I don't have to look further. Luckily hostingfu (my trusted sources for web hosting related stuff) have been with them for sometime and has few stories to share.

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