Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Receiving Email Using SES

There's service like Pawnmail (seem to be down now) that allow you to receive email on your custom domain. But that's a third party and mean adding another one into your trust list.

Since we already using AWS, I'm wondering if it has anything that can receive email. They have SES that usually used to send email. But turn out SES can also receive email. So just add the MX record in your DNS to inbound-smtp.us-east-1.amazonaws.com.

Next is to configure the domain and address to receive the email.

The received email need to be forwarded somewhere like to your application for processing but that's overkill. I need something simpler. Here come SNS, Simple Notification Service. So the email can be forwarded to an SNS Topic. From the SNS Topic you can create Subscription that will forward the email to your actual email, finally.

SNS will send the email as JSON so if you received HTML email that will be appear in your inbox as is. But since I can read HTML, that should be fine.

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